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Dr. Culbertson was raised in Frederick, Maryland and is delighted to be practicing in her hometown. She is a graduate of Governor Thomas Johnson High School, where her educational experiences in science and art helped pave the way for her future ambitions. Combining these two disciplines have enhanced her abilities as a Plastic Surgeon.

Dr. Culbertson's undergraduate studies were at University of Maryland, College Park from where she was graduated Cum Laude with High Honors in General Biological Sciences. She then attended medical school at University of Maryland, Baltimore and was graduated with Honors in Gross Anatomy, Histology, Microbiology, Biostatistics and Medical Spanish. Her residency, six years of combined general and plastic surgery, was completed at The Ohio State University. There were only sixty openings in the country for this type of program and Dr. Culbertson was fortunate enough to be offered this opportunity.

During Dr. Culbertson's six years of residency at The Ohio State University, she developed her surgical skills in many areas:

  • During her General Surgery training, Dr. Culbertson operated in the chest and abdomen, on organs and blood vessels, and cared for patients before, during, and after their surgeries. In her plastic surgery training, she operated on skin and soft tissue, on muscle and bone, and learned to use those tissues to recreate missing body parts and close wounds.
  • At the renowned Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital, a comprehensive cancer treatment center of excellence, Dr. Culbertson first learned to rid bodies of cancer. Then she learned how to reconstruct them to restore patients' quality of life.
  • Both Ohio State and Grant Hospitals had Level One Trauma Centers. At these centers, Dr. Culbertson learned to save patients who had been in car accidents, fallen from heights, and sustained burn, gun or knife wounds. Thereafter, she was challenged to reconstruct facial and other body parts to the best of her ability to improve their recovery.
  • The Ohio State Hospital's Division of Plastic Surgery ran the Regional Burn Treatment Center. Her work there encompassed resuscitating burned or electrocuted patients and treating the burns with special bandages, skin grafts and tissue flaps.
  • Dr. Culbertson also trained at The Nationwide Children's Hospital of Columbus, Ohio. There she learned to correct birth defects such as cleft lip, cleft palate, webbed fingers and toes, and scars from amniotic bands.
  • As the only female resident during her plastic surgery training, Dr. Culbertson was in demand for the Resident Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. Here she performed many cosmetic procedures including facelifts, tummy tucks, eyelid surgery, and breast augmentations.

It was also during these six years that Dr. Culbertson was introduced to wound care. It has become one of her passions. Care of the medically complex patient requires technically demanding surgery on fragile, often traumatized, tissue. This type of surgery combined with attention to her patients' overall health and well-being, translates into Dr. Culbertson giving the same thorough, detail-oriented care to her cosmetic surgery patients as well. She works at the wound care center at Frederick Memorial Hospital one half day per week.

Dr. Culbertson brings a combination of medical knowledge, surgical skill, artistic vision, and patient care to her practice in Frederick, Maryland. Her philosophy is to do the right surgery for the right patient and do it safely. The opportunity to work in partnership with her patients for an outcome that is successful fuels her love for plastic surgery.

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