Aesthetic Surgery (Cosmetic Surgery)

Aesthetics is defined as: a branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of beauty, art, and taste and with the creation and appreciation of beauty.

This same philosophy applies to aesthetic (or, cosmetic) surgery. The mission of T. A. Culbertson, M.D. Plastic Surgery is to give cosmetic patients the necessary knowledge and insight to set realistic goals to enhance their well being as well as provide excellent patient care. Throughout the process we will navigate the physical and emotional aspects of a cosmetic procedure to achieve attainable results.

  • Are you someone who has put off a consultation with a plastic surgeon but would really like to learn more about a particular procedure?
  • Do you feel that if you could address a cosmetic issue that your confidence and self-esteem would improve?
  • Are you an individual who has worked hard on your abs only to have extra hanging skin and stretch marks cover them up?
  • Does your face look great but your jaw line and neck detract from it?
  • Has your face lost the soft fullness it has had in the past?
  • Do your eyes make you look tired or sad?
  • Simply put, do you want to explore what can reflect your inner vitality through aesthetic surgery?

The above are just a number of questions that aesthetic surgery addresses and for which it can also provide healthy solutions. Together, we can find the answer that fits you both inside and out.

Dr. Culbertson brings a combination of medical knowledge, surgical skill, artistic vision, and patient care to her practice in Frederick, Maryland. Her philosophy is to do the right surgery for the right patient and do it safely. The opportunity to work in partnership with her patients for an outcome that is successful fuels her love for plastic surgery.

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